Monday, December 1, 2008

Captains Cup

A few of the scenes from the most recent Captains Cup. The required island-wide event takes place on the last Friday of every month and participants earnestly compete for the trophy in a series of field events, hosted by the previous winning command. The November games were hosted by the British Royal Commandos. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting a Commando, I will just say these guys are the real deal: they collectively boast more tatoos per square inch of skin than any other organization in the world and I am glad that they are on my side. Hence, the uncertainty was palpable this month as our British friends prepared the field for the coming events: Dutiful corpsmen dug in deep as high-rise structures were erected, weighted burlap bags tested for appropriate impact, and jousting stirrups fashioned. I even verified our supply of jaw fracture kits for the impending misadventure. In all aspects, our expectations were elevated from the previous Cup hosted by Supply - the Diego Garcia equivalent of Animal House - today there would be no tug of war, no frisbee toss. In the end, the day was a sweeping success and a new bar of excellence was set for competition combining athleticism and barbarism. So there you have it...your tax dollars at work helping the rest of us relax.

This may look more like a scene from MTV Spring Break than an ultimate test of balance and will. But I can assure you this was not taken in March.

Cory and CJ..."working"

Dizzy Kayak Slalom: Spin around the pole 10 times, expectorate remains of breakfast, zig-zag through the cones, hop in the waiting kayak, and navigate the floating buoys. Right up my alley.


aaronjmagnan said...

No, I know the military is hard work, but wow!

Keep up the good stuff.

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